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With Jerusalem, Hezbollah Is Now Playing Catch-up

” But again, this rhetoric earned little traction in the Arab world, that instead remained transfixed by the mobilization of a new generation of young Palestinians, such as the Sheikh Jarrah activist twins Muna and Muhammad El-Kurd, who deployed social media to call for unified Palestinian resistance against Israel’s evictions and its bombardment of Gaza.

We Cannot Use Victimhood to Justify Victimizing Others: An Interview with Alice Rothchild on Facing the Israeli Racism in Palestine

s the echoes of the global reaction to the recent human rights violations in Sheikh Jarrah and Gaza continue worldwide, Politics Today interviewed the renowned Jewish American author, physician, and human rights activist, Alice Rothchild, on how to interpret the transition from the oppressed to the oppressor and the challenges of defining, discussing and reporting the settler-colonialism in Palestine as well as the ways forward for meaningful peace advocacy and solidarity.

Intifada 3.0: Trick or Treat?

Read: Sheikh Jarrah: A Third Palestinian Intifada Is Now a Stone’s Throw AwayWhat’s become clear is that a permanent solution to the Palestinian issue won’t be resolved as long as it depends on parties that have a capacity to mobilize huge amounts of resources effectively and efficiently but aren’t willing to use them for the cause of liberation.

Say This, Don’t Say That: Time to Confront the Misleading Language on Palestine, Israel

”Read: Sheikh Jarrah and the Mass Expulsion of Palestinians in Jerusalem – Politics Today EditorialWith this context in mind, and regardless of why Ruffalo found it necessary to back-track on his moral position, Israel is an unrepentent human rights violator that continues to carry out an active policy of genocide and ethnic cleansing against the native, indigenous inhabitants of Palestine.

The Evolution of Apartheid: Why Israel is Becoming a Pariah State

Read: Sheikh Jarrah: A Third Palestinian Intifada Is Now a Stone’s Throw Away“In the entire area between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River, the Israeli regime implements laws, practices and state violence designed to cement the supremacy of one group – Jews - over another -  Palestinians,”  B’tselem’s report, entitled “A Regime of Jewish Supremacy from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea: This is Apartheid”, read.