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How the Russia-Ukraine War Will Change Turkey-US Relations

support to the PYD in Syria to be cut off; (ii) concrete steps to be taken against the FETO terrorist organization; (iii) a reasonable approach to Turkey’s purchasing of the S-400 missile defense systems, and, thus, lifting of the sanctions imposed on Turkey as its exclusion, as a co-manufacturer of F-35s, from the program and not delivering two F-35 aircraft to Turkey—though these were paid for—under the pretext of Turkey’s S-400 procurement were seen as important mishaps; (iv) and, finally, compensation for Washington’s exclusionist moves against Turkey in its Eastern Mediterranean policy.

The Syrian Conflict 10 Years On: Who is in Control and What are the Possible Scenarios?

Read: Looking Beyond Ain Issa: The Way Forward in North East Syria Local governance scenarios in Syria Autonomy: Today, Syria is effectively divided into three areas of control: In addition to the regime that controls the capital, Damascus, and the main cities in the country, there are the areas under the control of the PYD / YPG in the north, in addition to the Idlib region bordering the Turkish border, which is controlled by the opposition forces.