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The Turkish Opposition’s Litmus Test: Syrian Refugees

It becomes rather clear that the Nation Alliance does not have a clear answer to the following questions: What will happen to the safe zones established by Turkey in Northern Syria? How much will the demands of the Syrian opposition be supported in the process of reconciliation with Assad? How will it be ensured that the returnees can trust Assad? What will be the response to the PKK's Syrian extension, the PYD, and its affiliates, and how will the dangerous regional policies of the U.

How the Russia-Ukraine War Will Change Turkey-US Relations

support to the PYD in Syria to be cut off; (ii) concrete steps to be taken against the FETO terrorist organization; (iii) a reasonable approach to Turkey’s purchasing of the S-400 missile defense systems, and, thus, lifting of the sanctions imposed on Turkey as its exclusion, as a co-manufacturer of F-35s, from the program and not delivering two F-35 aircraft to Turkey—though these were paid for—under the pretext of Turkey’s S-400 procurement were seen as important mishaps; (iv) and, finally, compensation for Washington’s exclusionist moves against Turkey in its Eastern Mediterranean policy.

The Syrian Conflict 10 Years On: Who is in Control and What are the Possible Scenarios?

Read: Looking Beyond Ain Issa: The Way Forward in North East Syria Local governance scenarios in Syria Autonomy: Today, Syria is effectively divided into three areas of control: In addition to the regime that controls the capital, Damascus, and the main cities in the country, there are the areas under the control of the PYD / YPG in the north, in addition to the Idlib region bordering the Turkish border, which is controlled by the opposition forces.