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One of every two Europeans dissatisfied with EU’s direction

Czech Republic is in the lead of Eurosceptic nations among EU member states with a mere 39% who regard EU membership positively for their country followed by Italy at 42%, Croatia at 44%, Greece, which is still battling a series of unabating economic difficulties, at 45%, UK which has already voted out at 48%, Austria at 48% and Romania at 49%.

New Cold War heats up around Cyprus

This was a small victory for Turkey, especially when the spokesman underlined the UN Secretariat will not "take a position on the rights of member states under the treaties to which they are party or under general international law,” in reference to the 1960 Treaty of Guarantee, signed by Turkey, Greece, Britain and Cyprus.

Instability awaiting post-election Germany

Seeing itself as the defender of European values and the leader of the EU, while being criticized by many European countries like Poland, Italy, Hungary and Greece for patronizing other countries, Germany will have a hard time maintaining its bid for EU leadership after AfD’s rise.

What is the GreenMetric World University Ranking?

Hosted by Istanbul University, the workshop was held on 9-10 April 2017 in Istanbul, nearly 100 people attended, including rectors, vice rectors, experts, landscape architects, city planners, academic staff, executive officers from the ministries of environment, and energy managers and stakeholders from 20 different countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Jordan, Russia, India, Brazil, Colombia, Greece, Hungary, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Egypt and Morocco.