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What does the French Democracy Crisis Indicate?

In the chart, the elephant’s torso stands for the sharp increase in the incomes of the poorest segments, who constitute half of humanity and mostly live in developing countries, while the trunk represents the upper classes of developed countries, which corresponds to 1% of the world population.

The End of History or the End of Democracy in Austria?

eparting from the Japanese-American political scientist Francis Fukuyama’s contention in his “The End of History” thesis that liberal democracy is the final form of political regime that humanity has achieved so far, it can be inferred that the latest turbulences confronted in recent years in the West, especially in Austria, signalize a crisis in democracy.

Saudi General Consul on the run

K, France, and Germany, urging Saudi Arabia to provide a sufficient explanation with evidence, the United Nations Human Rights chief Michelle Bachelet called for the lifting of the immunity of consulate workers in the Saudi Consul General in Istanbul.