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The End of the Liberal World?

” In the countries that practiced and propagated it as epitome of dignity and human rights, “democracy” effectively meant élite rule in the form of representation, often in its plutocratic version.

The Link Between Brexit and Turkey’s Dashed Hopes of Being an EU Member

The EU has an immigration problem which is fueling populist parties and – once again – the carrot and stick approach by Brussels towards Ankara to reform its human rights dossier has been revealed for being fake and nothing more than a conduit to assure European voters weeks ahead of EU elections in May that Turks will not be arriving by the millions into dilapidated job markets like in France.

What Awaits Venezuela: A Military Coup or a Civil War?

Accordingly, while it is true that some issues have been experienced in democratic processes and some human rights violations have been observed in the country, although they do not reach a level to undermine the legitimacy of the administration, it is not an ethical policy to intervene in another country’s internal affairs - let it be the U.

Islam in the UAE’s Foreign Policy

Internationally, there is growing skepticism of the UAE’s claims to stand for tolerance and openness, especially following the international media’s growing attention to the case of imprisoned Emirati human rights activist, Ahmed Mansoor, against the backdrop of the Matthew Hedges case in 2018.

Ambivalent Policies and the Loss of Western Values

With no surprise, the "value-oriented" EU states did not address topics like dictatorial military regimes within Arab states, the repression of political movements, and the abuse and lack of human rights, the number of political prisoners and the lack of freedom of speech and rule of law in the hosting country.

Anti-Refugee Sentiment Ahead of Turkey’s Local Elections

The exclusionist discourse adopted by the representatives of the main opposition, the Republican People’s Party (CHP) and the Iyi Party, does not only overstep the limits of political ethics, but also demonstrates that these parties violate fundamental principles and humanitarian aspects such as charity, justice, human rights, and the right to live.