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Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean Gas Equation

When American energy company Noble announced the first commercially viable amount of gas discovery in Israel’s Tamar field in 2009, with an estimated reserve of 280 billion cubic meters, regional countries relished the idea that they could also have gas in their respective exclusive economic zones (EEZ).

Jordan: Silent Brother in Gulf Politics

While Saudi Arabia’s relations with a number of Arab monarchies have experienced some strain such as Kuwait and Oman as well as outright diplomatic crises in the case of Qatar and Morocco, Jordan is seeking to gain greater autonomy from Riyadh’s geopolitical orbit at a time in which more players in the Arab world are growing more unsettled by vague Saudi reactions towards some regional issues including the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Sudan, Libya, Algeria and Lebanon.

America’s MESA Delusion

The speech was confusing, lacked substance, and carried no new ideas beyond the typical messages it meant to deliver: Israel is our top ally, Iran is bad, it is all Obama’s fault, we are committed to continue supporting our dictator friends in the Arab world.