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Does Quadruple Talk in Istanbul Signal Peace for Syria?

The Turkish government has been engaged in a campaign to split apart HTS, drawing its reconcilable elements into the mainstream opposition, grouped with the Free Syrian Army (FSA) factions under the banner of National Liberation Front (NLF), while isolating and eliminating the extremist hard core.

When a Super Power goes Rogue, Everything goes Wrong

* Who is today’s most famous rogue state then? A government that seems to be irresponsible, irrational, and unpredictable? A government with an ever-growing WMD capacity? A government violating human rights, let’s say by separating immigrant families and putting them in cages? I feel like the shade is fading away but let’s make it even simpler.

Restructuring Macroeconomic Governance in the Presidential System

While embarking on major institutional reform in macroeconomic governance, there are several common features that need to be taken into account from the successful development experiences across the globe: Strong political leadership that supports politico-economic stability and the autonomy of key institutions formulating long-term development policies with a clear division of labor.

A Divided Europe and Turkey

Although the Turkish Armed Forces have taken all measures to prevent any harm to civilians, circles claiming that Turkey is violating human rights in the operation with the weapons provided by EU countries are trying to put pressure on European governments.