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The Turcos of Latin America: The Story of 20th-Century Ottoman Migrants

VIDEO: Why Chile is giving citizenship to Palestinian refugeesThe colonial past of Latin America took a toll on the Levantine immigration: most of the Latin American elites with European origins saw the arrival of “Orientals” as a threat to the incipient identity of the population of their countries and more resources and facilities were given to immigrants from Germany, Italy, and Spain.

EU Criminalizes Human Rights Defenders Helping Migrants at Sea

VIDEO: Saved at Sea : Rescuing Migrants in the Mediterranean A Police Raid A few days ago, on March 1, 2021, a vast police operation took place throughout Italy against the NGO Mediterranean Saving Humans, searching in offices and private homes, seizing their Mare Jonio ship and accusing the NGO of making profit out of its search and rescue activities at sea.

New Geopolitics in a Post-Coronavirus World

Even if Merkel is willing to take these steps, will rising German nationalism interfere? Or will EU member states be willing to let such a patronage role take place outside of the Union while they failed to coordinate aid among each other when it was needed the most? Looking at the latest developments, especially the plight of Italy and Spain and the battle over medical equipment, it is not possible to give positive answers to these questions.