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Iran Sanctions: A Year On

Although the State Department had repeatedly said the opposite during the second 90-days, it provided a 180-days waiver to Iran’s eight largest customers– China, India, Turkey, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Italy and Greece - of crude oil to important up to a limited amount.

Will the Far-Right Lead Europe?

Indeed, in the last year the 5Ms-League government with Matteo Salvini as Minister of Interior, Italy has reduced the immigration rate through the closure of its ports and the rejection of NGO ships carrying migrants rescued in the sea.

Will Eastern Mediterranean Gas Bring Prosperity or Disorder?

The Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum that was held between actors from the region in 2019 where the subjects of production, consumption and transfer of the energy resources in the region were discussed with the participation of energy ministers from Egypt, GCASC, Greece, Israel, Jordan, Italy and Palestine can be considered as one of the most extensive platforms that have taken place so far.