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Russia’s Lebanese Matryoshka Doll

The Russian initiative comes in the midst of the nuclear talks in Vienna and with the pressure on the Iranian regime from Israeli strikes and military operations - most recently the attack on Iran’s nuclear facility in Natanz and daily airstrikes that target Iran’s militias in Syria, Iraq, and Yemen.

Russia’s Changing Relationship with India: Arms Talk

” With Russia’s military and diplomatic focus in Europe and the Middle East, as conflicts in Syria and Ukraine continue to strain its energy and resources, and with Moscow happy to outsource its foreign policy in South Asia to Beijing, it’s actions in the region will be confined to the sale of its natural resources and weapons on a bilateral and transactional basis, with India importing $11 billion per year in Russian energy and arms, and Pakistan recently executing a $10 billion oil pipeline deal with Russia in 2019.

French Politicians Seek Re-election by Targeting Muslim Symbols

"Read: French "Enlightenment Islam" and State AuthoritarianismAccording to the report, the Muslim community in France will grow in number primarily as a result of high migration rates following the crisis that has resulted from the outbreak of the Syrian civil war and the series of anti-government protests known as the Arab Spring.