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Corona Is For All And There Are Lessons To Be Learnt Globally

We must reflect about inequality in every sector of our societies; say no to racism, hate and fear-mongering spread by resurgent populist right-wing nationalists; tackle misinformation and fake news; invest in science and technology that foster humanity’s well-being and progress and not only military power; counter-narratives that undermine the dangers of global warming and the looming climate change crisis.

A Look into Turkey’s Agricultural Policies

Turkish agriculture needs a fresh look by considering a number of advantages such as the product range stemming from different climates, market mobility caused by increasing demand for food, proximity to countries with high food import rates along with new technologies and farming approaches.

Will the Far-Right Lead Europe?

’ In other words, without providing evidence on such restrictions it lays the ‘stigmatization of migrants as possible terrorists, traffickers and smugglers’ and eventually the climate of hatred and xenophobia will further increase.

22 Years On: Turkey’s Post-Modern Coup

The volatile democratic climate, which was established perfunctorily after the period when the military controlled political life, started to decompose again with the election victory of politicians who were not considered acceptable by the system.