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What’s Next For Israel After the Elections?

The results indicate that Israeli society is slowly moving towards the right and that religious parties are gaining more votes compared to leftist and traditional parties, which have historically been more open to a peace process with Palestinians – such as the Labour Party, which has decreased its sphere of influence in the political realm after gaining only 6 seats.

A Muslim Chancellor in Germany?

  As an interesting comparative stance, with regard to the recent dispute over a potential Muslim chancellor, a German politician with Palestinian roots asked the Bild daily on social media whether they would write such a comment if Ralph Brinkhaus had said he can imagine a Jewish chancellor? Would the Bild daily then also advise the CDU to delete the “C” from its name?” Most likely not.

Debunking Trump’s Myths on Saudi Arabia

In order to effectively counter Iran in the region, you need to achieve a few basic things: Cutting it off from the regional public support which usually boosts its stance; depriving its regional role from the needed legitimacy by standing for everything the public represents such as the Palestinian issue, Syria etc.