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Ex-Soviet State Fighters in DAESH

Russia’s extreme and disproportionate force against the Chechen fighters, especially under the leadership of Vladimir Putin during and after the Second Chechen War, caused extreme radicalization of armed groups in these parts of the country.

Paranoia and Propaganda: Russia’s Role in European Elections

French journalist Nicolas Henin, the author of the book La France Russe, in a recent TV interview, explained that “Putin’s Russia supports populist, isolationist and sovereignist movements” and added that “even though Macron doesn’t have a political discourse which is against Russia, Fillon’s and Le Pen’s political discourses are more attractive for Russia.

Russia in Syria

org/rebalancing-turkey%E2%80%99s-foreign-policy/ It is clear that the USA’s role as sole superpower after the collapse of the Soviet Union has been seriously challenged with Putin’s coming to power.