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The Hindutva War on Christians in India

These radicals have deliberately engineered a “hate storm,” and it’s without coincidence that a wave of attacks were carried out against Christians days after Hindutva hate preachers at the Dharma Sansad (Hindu convention) in mid-December vowed to “kill and die” for a Hindu nation, and “be ready to kill and go to jail,” while others urged Indian security forces to mimic the Myanmar military’s crackdown against Rohingya Muslims.

Hindutva Radicalization of the Indian Cricket Team

”Read: Hindutva Ideology: India’s Gradual Move Towards GenocideThe response from the Hindu nationalist Indian government and its supporters would strike a decisively different tone, however, with the Indian team’s only Muslim player, Mohammad Shami, targeted with hate and accusations of accepting bribes to throw the game for Pakistan.

Hindutva Ideology: India’s Gradual Move Towards Genocide

It’s easy to forget today but BJP won just two parliamentary seats in the 1984 election, emerging as a national political force only after whipping up anti-Muslim sentiments leading up to, during and after the destruction of the historic Babri Mosque in 1992 at the hands of 150,000 Hindu nationalists associated with BJP and Hindutva organization Vishva Hindu Parishad, an event that helped put the party into position to form a coalition government in 1998 and then ultimately unilateral power in 2014.

“Godi Media” in Modi’s India: A War on Journalists?

Read: The Hindutva War on Christians in IndiaThese criminal charges were filed under the country’s draconian anti-terror law – the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA) – a legacy of British colonial rule, prompting a strong rebuke from Reporters Without Borders, which said our “only crimes were to cover the recent attacks against mosques in the North-eastern state of Tripura,” while the Editors Guild of India described the bogus charges as an attempt by the BJP ruled state government to “deflect attention away from its own failure to control majoritarian violence.

Azeem Rafiq’s Testimony Exposes ‘Institutionally’ Racist Culture

”Read: Hindutva Radicalization of the Indian Cricket TeamRafiq's experience A 57-page witness testimony, published by the DCMS select committee as part of Rafiq's submission to an employment tribunal, went into excruciating detail about Rafiq's experiences, which included hearing racist remarks from several other former Yorkshire and England players, including Matthew Hoggard, as well as sustained abuse and bullying from Ballance and former Yorkshire coach and captain Andrew Gale.

Indian Government’s Abuse of Muslims Under Global Scrutiny

Read: Hindutva Ideology: India’s Gradual Move Towards GenocideEqually ignored are the country’s year-on-year upward spike in anti-Muslim hate crimes, efforts to strip Muslims of their civil and democratic rights, including the Citizenship Amendment Act, National Register of Citizens, and so-called anti-Love Jihad laws, and nationwide calls for genocide among members of India’s ruling party or its closely held allies.

India Makes the Lives of Kashmiri Prisoners Worse During COVID19

Read: Hindutva Ideology: India’s Gradual Move Towards Genocide“The Republic of India is facing a tsunami of COVID19 with tens of thousands of cases every day including thousands of deaths which has put lives of Kashmiri political prisoners at highest risk,” the Kashmiri advocacy group Legal Forum for Kashmir (LFOVK) urged in a letter to the WHO Director General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.