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India is Lobbying to Put Pakistan on FATF’s Black-list: Will it Succeed?

Having been the base for military operations that saw the Soviet Union defeated in Afghanistan in 1989 and, over a decade later in clashes with the West, during the US invasion of the Islamic Republic, which at the time was under Taliban rule, Pakistan has found it challenging, to say the least, in dealing with non-state armed groups and tribes that moved freely through its porous border.

Defense, Trade and Foreign Policy: An Interview with CAST Director Ruslan Pukhov

  What is your analysis about the current security policies and defense strategies of Putin’s Russia in regards to its regional involvements and deployments? Do you think President Putin has started to adopt a much more offensive and expansionist posture, considering the Russian intervention in Georgia, Ukraine, Crimea, Syria and even Afghanistan (through negotiations with Taliban)?  I view it differently.