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Why Iran Is Concerned with Taliban 2.0

Read: Iran’s Joy Over the Taliban’s Victory in Afghanistan Will Be Short-Lived Iran’s Discomfiture with Pakistan  When the Taliban were busy taking control of the last Northern Alliance stronghold, the Panjshir Valley, the Iranian regime’s mouthpiece Tehran Times cited a United States Central Command (CENTCOM) source, which told FOX news that the Pakistan military was assisting the Taliban offensive in Panjshir.

Separation in the Age of Remote and Robotic War

Read: Why Did the United States Add Israel to CENTCOM?Indeed, the official plan of the Israeli state is to increase the population of these machines and diversify them “to develop a system that fits a wide range of missions in the field … can help the IDF control populated areas for extended periods of time” while minimizing the amount of training and resources required to do so.