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Turkey is the New Strategic Player in Africa

VIDEO: How Political Borders Are Redrawn in the Balkans, Caucasus and the Middle EastThe potential capabilities in many African countries in the sector of defense is likely to challenge the Western influence in the continent, especially with their interference in these countries, and as Turkey’s relations with Africa constitutes one of Turkey's significant foreign policy objectives, this strategic partnership have recently made some Western and post-colonial states including France anxious and fear that Turkey’s presence might threaten their economic, military and geopolitical interests.

Morocco-Algeria: Looming Conflict

He went on to describe all the misunderstandings between the two states over the past 60 years, recalling, of course, the eternal dispute over Western Sahara between the Sahrawi independence fighters of the Polisario Front, supported by Algiers, and the Kingdom of Morocco since 1975.

How to Read Russian Expansionism in Africa

Although Russia-Mauritania relations have not displayed very positive signals, largely due to Russia's support of the Algeria-backed Polisario Front in the Western Sahara crisis, the military cooperation agreement signed between the two countries in June 2021 has portrayed Mauritania as strategically important within the scope of Russia's African expansion.