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The West Seeks to Meddle in the the Most Important Election of 2023

” As such, Zalewski attempts to answer the question that Reuters asked on January 18: “What’s at Stake in Turkey’s Upcoming Elections?”Read: Turkey-Egypt Relations: Prospects for Normalization and Challenges AheadThe part of Zalewski’s article that relates to the world stresses that the main issue at stake is Turkey’s military operations in Syria and Iraq and its military support to Libya and Azerbaijan.

Iranian Drones in Ukraine: Why and How They Got There

“Iran has increasingly used drones in the region to attack countries; and also trafficked drones to proxy and allied groups and even shipped them to Russia, Venezuela, Ethiopia and other places; including arming Hamas, the Houthis, Hashd al-Shaabi in Iraq and groups in Syria, and Hezbollah,” Frantzman wrote.