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The YPG’s Child Recruits: An Accustomed Human Rights Abuse?

In an interview published in the website of Kurd Watch, Nurman Ibrahim Khalifa, who was abducted and conscripted by the PYD in 2014 as he was 13 years old, stated that a great number of children kept at the Iraqi Kurdistan camps were severely punished due to their attempts to escape, adding that a woman who was recruited as a child was killed before the eyes of people and her body was thrown into a lake after she was caught in her eighth attempt to escape when she was 18.

Freedom of Religion as a Pre-condition?

But who are these “Muslims?” And do they have a special status according to the German constitution or do they need special treatment? Does Article 4 of the German constitution (freedom of faith, conscience, and creed) not protect Muslim rights as much as it does Christian rights? Do Muslims need a tolerance range due to a constitutional lack? Or, does Kauder just mean the (approximately 3 million) Turkish Muslim population who are living in Germany or the 1 million Syrian refugees or even other German Muslim groups with a background from Morocco, Lebanon, Bosnia, Iran, Iraq etc.