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A Turkish-Italian Alliance on Libya?

The emergence of Daesh in Iraq and Syria has shown that the evolution of terrorism not only undermined state institutions in the region but also attempted to substitute them with proxy state-like institutions — even if the international community did not recognize them.

Balkan Daesh Fighters in Numbers

However, when Daesh (ISIS) gained prominence in early 2014 and emerged as an influential non-state actor across eastern Syria and northwestern Iraq, the terror group began recruiting fighters quickly, and the Balkans became a region with some of the highest numbers of foreign fighters joining Daesh’s ranks.

The Changing Dimensions of Turkey’s Counterterrorism Policy

Ankara abandoned a “wait and see” strategy and “retaliatory action”, and instead adopted the method of identifying, finding, tracking and neutralizing the enemy in its own place/location in order to prevent any sort of threats, such as carrying out a “pre-emptive air strike” on the PKK’s training camps in Northern Iraq.

The YPG Myth Downplays a Danger For the West

If one focuses on the stances of German politicians and compares their approaches towards Daesh and to the YPG, particularly with the rise of Daesh (ISIS) in Iraq and Syria, it is noticeable that unfortunately one –secular– terror group was preferred in order to fight another terror group Daesh.