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UN Security Council warns against Kurdish referendum

Council members “expressed their continuing respect for the sovereignty, territorial integrity and unity of Iraq,” urging all issues between the central Baghdad government and the Erbil administration to be resolved “through structured dialogue and compromise supported by the international community.

Why DAESH is So Pleasant to Israel

” Committing terrorist acts all across the globe and killing hundreds in Australia, Canada, Kenya, Italy, Yemen, Tunisia, Russia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, the US, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Denmark, France, Sweden and Turkey, Daesh apologized to Israel as shots were fired from a territory under its control.

Cooperating with Assad Could Cost the YPG

The ENKS has traditionally strongly opposed the Assad regime, and they have good ties with mainstream Syrian rebels, the Turkish government and especially with the Barzani-government of the Kurdish autonomous region in northern Iraq.