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Trump, Media, Journalism Ethics and “Others”

Have those same media organisations who have taken a stance against Trump’s humiliating and insulting discourse been able to uphold their “journalism ethic” of fairness and impartiality when it comes to different countries and peoples? What kind of general publication policy did these outlets have when Turkey, Iraq and Palestine were the subject concerned? Did they apologise for inaccuracies and false news reports then? Iraq’s Weapons of Mass Destruction; the BBC’s reporting of Turkey When looking into American history, it can be claimed that it has a relatively free and neutral media.

The Gülen Cult, between Modernism and Narcissism

” What differentiates them from Daesh? On the other hand, our experiences show that resorting to violence or committing massacres does not have anything to do with being a member of a terrorist organization which emerged from a Baath-ridden, post-American occupation Iraq; white and blue collared members of such a cult are also capable of committing these atrocities.

The PKK’s Child Soldiers

HRW documented 29 cases in which the PKK recruited Kurdish and Yezidi children in Northern Iraq and the organization called on the PKK to “categorically denounce the recruitment and use of child soldiers”.

Distant Suffering: Images of the Syrian War

Although the fact remains that the conventional and social media have set a strong agenda through Aylan, the question is what has been changed with this sensational photo of a little child at the end of the day? Has Aylan’s image triggered any mass social movement in Europe or America? How many Western governments expressed a sense of responsibility in housing refugees from Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan? Overwhelmingly dramatizing the death of innocent children has not stopped suffering in Syria for a year.

Who Killed Karlov?

Two years ago, the organization commenced an operation with its infiltrators within the security forces and the judiciary, accusing the government of being corrupt, which actually targeted Turkey’s relations with Iran and the Kurdish Regional Government in Northern Iraq.

What’s Next after the Fall of Aleppo?

Neither indiscriminate airstrikes on civilians in opposition-ruled areas nor the military intervention of Iran with its own IRGC units and pro-Iran militias with Iraqi (Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba), Lebanese (Hezbollah) and Afghan (Liwa Fatemiyoun) origins turned out to be game changers in the military balance for the Aleppo battle.