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The Hunchback of Germany: Right Populism

Guler encountered until now who were supposedly forced to wear a headscarf at day-care or elementary school? Thirdly, do the governing people of Germany intend to ban everything they evaluate as wrong or contentious with what is taught to the nation’s children by their own parents? What is the line for that evaluation and estimation? Lastly, what on earth is Germany’s problem with Muslim bodies? Debates about a headscarf ban, a circumcision ban, a burqa ban and so on… Polemic topics brought to the table from time to time in order to fuel the climate of fear, tension and hate.

Turgut Cansever: In pursuit of wisdom through architecture

Architecture, localism and locals Cansever expected architects to have certain qualities, such as paying attention to climate, ecology, the topography of construction, the consent of people who live in and around the place of construction, controlling climate conditions by passive methods and characterizing relations and tensions between different construction materials when used together.

World’s New Financial Hub: Istanbul

The Potential of Istanbul as a Financial Center According to the "Global Financial Centres Index", a publication by the Qatar Financial Centre accepted as a reference in the evaluation of financial centers, factors such as the quality of the workforce, the functioning of the financial sector, the legal infrastructure, and the investment climate play a decisive role in a city's position in global financial markets.