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Barzani loses power step by step

ollowing the Kurdish independence referendum which was held in northern Iraq’s Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) controlled areas, the central Iraq administration have responded with political and economic sanctions.

Iraq forces take control of Kirkuk

ollowing the Kurdish independence referendum which took place on September 25 in Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) controlled areas in northern Iraq, the Iraqi government had responded with multiple economic and political sanctions.

Turkish troops in Idlib, Syria

ollowing Turkey’s Operation Euphrates Shield, which saw the Free Syrian Army (FSA), backed by Turkish forces, clear Daesh from the territory in north Syria between August 2016 and March 2017, the Idlib operation has been the second phase of Turkish direct involvement in Syria.

KRG referendum is ‘betrayal’

hile once a close ally with the Kurdistan Regional Government, the Turkish administration had urged the Kurdish administration to postpone the referendum and sit at a negotiating table with the Baghdad government.

Barzani is losing his long-time ally, Turkey

hile the Kurdish Regional Government’s President Masoud Barzani has ignored and objected to calls from the international community to postpone the independence referendum, Turkish President Erdogan has asserted that Turkey will not recognize the vote “regardless of its outcome.