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Multi-speed EU: Cure All Remedy or Dead End?

com; EU’s big four back ‘multi-speed’ Europe) leaders of Europe’s largest economies France, Germany, Italy and Spain whilst meeting each other, German Chancellor Angela Merkel was quoted as saying: ‘We need to have the courage for some countries to go ahead if not everyone wants to participate.

A Divided Europe and Turkey

Turkey’s convergence with the United Kingdom, France and Italy Alongside these problems confronted in relations between Turkey and Germany, the Ankara administration leaned towards other European actors with whom more rational relations could be established.

Instability awaiting post-election Germany

Seeing itself as the defender of European values and the leader of the EU, while being criticized by many European countries like Poland, Italy, Hungary and Greece for patronizing other countries, Germany will have a hard time maintaining its bid for EU leadership after AfD’s rise.

Turkey to maintain its economic growth

While attempting to improve its own domestic economy, Turkey has also urged its partners in MIKTA – a term used to refer to the partnership between Mexico, Italy, Republic of Korea and Australia – to form a common will on sustainable development that will be a “model for the world.

Why DAESH is So Pleasant to Israel

” Committing terrorist acts all across the globe and killing hundreds in Australia, Canada, Kenya, Italy, Yemen, Tunisia, Russia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, the US, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Denmark, France, Sweden and Turkey, Daesh apologized to Israel as shots were fired from a territory under its control.

Has the Myth of the Global Village Ended Now?

” There are also some other socio-political indicators that highlight the probable end of the myth of the global village: the rise of the far right in European Union countries, the Scottish independence referendum in 2014, the Catalan independence movement in Spain, the Flemish movement in Belgium, the unofficial referendum of Venetian independence in Italy, Brexit, neo-Nazi tendencies in Germany, the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories, anti-Islamic attacks, ethnic and denominational divisions in the Middle East, etc.