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Jordan: Silent Brother in Gulf Politics

Furthermore, the expansion and consolidation of Iranian influence in the Levant unsettles both Jordan and Turkey although both states have adopted pragmatic approaches toward Tehran, with Turkey and Iran’s cooperation via the Astana Process, energy trade, and coordination against Kurdish separatists in the region being salient examples.

Khashoggi Murder Should Make Trump Probe Yemen and End War Once and for All

The wholesale impunity afforded to the Saudi Prince, via Trump’s absurdly inexperienced wannabe something son-in-law Jared Kushner, has resulted in the derailment to attention, to Saudi Arabia’s nefarious techniques in governing; or rather preserving the existence of its elite, the Saudi royal family, which the British enshrined during the first world war as they created a cluster of clients states in the Middle East whose very existence was based on their savagery, lack of trust of one another and reverence to the colonial model.