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Imamoglu, Populism and the CHP

For instance, it was no secret that the HDP, which is the political branch of the PKK, openly supported the CHP’s candidate – although the CHP did not address questions concerning an obvious CHP-HDP cooperation.

The Increasingly Biased Journalism Against Turkey

More to the point, despite suffering several blows in the last few years such as the Gezi Park events, the 17-25 December “judiciary” coup attempt, PKK and DAESH terror attacks, and most importantly the July 15 military coup attempt, the Turkish economy managed to keep on track, grew well and averted an economic meltdown.

The Safety and Reliability of Elections in Turkey

To that end, Parliament passed Law No 7102 last year, which introduced the relocation of ballot boxes in order to merge ballot boxes for the prevention of possible pressures of the PKK terrorist organization on the electorate and to enable easier access to ballot boxes for the electorate who are unable to go to polling stations.