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Hostile Brothers: The Strained Morocco-Algeria Relations Only Serve to Destabilize North Africa

The Guerguerat crisis of November 2020, following the Moroccan army's dispersing of a group of Saharawi demonstrators who were blocking the border between Western Sahara and Mauritania, which amounted to a violation of the 1991 ceasefire, the Polisario Front's return to arms, and Donald Trump's recognition of Moroccan sovereignty over this disputed territory have toppled the status quo.

Where Does Libya Fit in Biden’s Foreign Policy Priorities?

Read: The Afghan Factor in Biden’s Iran Foreign Policy Biden’s Foreign Policy Priorities The Biden administration is working on reinvigorating America’s State Department, which suffered from an unprecedented level of resignations and long-term vacancies during the Trump administration, and on cultivating greater multilateral cooperation with allies that were often disregarded over the last four years.

China-Iran Treaty: Hydrocarbons Bring the Old Friends Closer

The ‘look East’ strategy first articulated by the Ahmadinejad administration (2005-2013) has come to form the backbone of Iran’s diplomatic strategy too, encouraging Tehran to turn Eastwards and ‘Northwards’ (Russia) since the Trump administration in order to break free of the straightjackets that the Western alliance had endeavored to keep Iran wrapped in.