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Why DAESH is So Pleasant to Israel

aesh, the world’s most modern and sadistic terrorist organization – known for putting people into cages and burning them, selling women they have captured as slaves, lining people up and beheading them one by one – has courteous relations with one country: Israel.

Can China Stop the Ukraine War?

Read: How the Ukraine War Will Give China More LeverageCan China use its strategic advantage to pressure Moscow into ending the war in Ukraine? China has already revealed its diplomatic prowess by bringing Saudi Arabia and Iran to the negotiating table, and now it is offering to help facilitate peace talks in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Turkey’s National Fighter Jet: Ambitions Materialize

Almost all neighboring countries have been allocating significant resources to upgrade their air forces: Greece is taking delivery of Rafale fighters from France and upgraded F-16s from the United States, and Israel is operating more than 30 F-35s and has recently announced acquisition plans for the advanced F-15EX fighter.