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Sino-Soviet Split Redux under President Trump?

In any case, this deal brought Iran and the United States much closer than any time since the overthrow of the Shah in 1979, and the American-Iranian rapprochement was persistently pursued at the expense of antagonizing traditional allies of the United States in the Middle East such as Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey.

What is Sectarian Politics?

As an example of a radically changing perception, Hezbollah of Lebanon has recently transformed into a much hated actor in the eyes of Sunnis, whereas prior to the Arab Revolutions it was generally regarded as an organization heroically resisting Israeli aggression.

On Nationalism, Ethnicity and Ethnicity Regimes

For every other political entity be that the Communist Republic of China, United States of America, the Jewish state of Israel, the Muslim state of Pakistan, the German nation state Bundesrepublik Deutschland, they are all, by definition, nation-states, since they claim to have the right to rule on the basis of their nation, they have to have their nations and they do! What about the United States? Yes, United States as well.

Russia in Syria

Hafez Assad started to fight against the USA, Israel’s main sponsor, and thus befriended Russia, the enemy of imperialism and supporter of the “struggle of people.

Downing of the Russian Jet, the Syrian Civil War and Turkish-Russian Relations

Read': The Only Way Out for Russia Is to Let Turkey Weaken the YPG Just as the occupation and annexation of East Jerusalem and the West Bank in 1967 continues to haunt Israel 48 years later, despite the implicit and explicit support that Israel receives from several key great powers, the illegal annexation of Crimea will continue to haunt Russia, especially since no great power or any state of international significance sides with Russia on this conflict.