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Nobel Peace Prize Should Have Gone to…

Is anyone familiar with the LRA, which operates in Uganda, South Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and which has the aim of establishing a theocratic Christian state? They cut people’s limbs using the machetes they accept as sacred and introduce the children they abduct to their violent activities by forcing them to slice their families.

The False Promise of the United Nations

Even though the Assad regime has been disregarding principles of the UN Charter by using chemical weapons, barrel bombs and other internationally banned weapons against civilians since the beginning of the uprising in the country, the UN Security Council could not come up with any solution.

‘FETO tried to place itself in the old tutelage regime’

Speaking little of the events that occurred in Parliament that night, Bozdag mentioned that the reason why he believed it was wrong for parliamentarians to hide in shelters (while FETO had dropped 2 bombs on Parliament that night) is because if people had seen that Parliament was shutdown, they would not have found the courage to take to the streets.

The Latest on the Syrian Civil War: The Victors and the Defeated

Who could have won in a war which left over 500 thousand people dead, over 5 million Syrians forced to leave their home country and to live in misery in other countries and which left 7 million Syrians displaced at home? More, baby Aylan, who lost his life in the waters of the Aegean, representing the loss of thousands of refugees on the way to Europe, who could have won a war in which children died under barrel bombs, and finally, who could be described as the victor of a war which has ingrained itself in the memories of children.