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The Journey of a Soul: Ayşe Şasa

" Thus, an amnesiac generation was born, severed from a thousand years-long tradition, that couldn't read the tombstones of its ancestors, that would mistakenly assume any note written in Ottoman Turkish was religious scripture to be hung on walls.

The PKK’s Child Soldiers

While the picture that the PKK wants us to see is the stone throwing kids against the armed vehicles of the Turkish army, there are thousands of other kids who do not only hold little rocks but also machine guns and bombs in their hands (and on their bodies as suicide bombers) in the PKK ranks.

Istanbul and Contemporary Islamic Art

Beyond the borders of Turkey a global embrace of all the quality Islamic Art and Architecture that exists (including examples like miniature painting, patterned objects, fountains, tombstones and mosque and palace interiors) and the preservation of this work alongside an equally great thirst to create, build and express new and innovative ideas that branch out from this heritage is a noble objective – and one that is already starting to happen.