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Radicalization and Religion: How It Happens?

Importantly, Christian nationalism can be disconnected from conventional understandings of morality and focus only on idea of exclusion and superiority, which explains how Trump, not being traditionally religious or even perceived as a high moral character, managed to get the votes of many religious supporters.

All-Out-War between Ethiopia and Sudan on the Doorstep?

The following developments are behind Khartoum’s decision to turn its back to Ethiopia (i) Sudan’s new leaders insist on protecting their rule from Cairo’s subversive role toward the new administration in Khartoum; (ii) Sudan’s new leaders will probably benefit from Cairo’s economic, security, and diplomatic capacity to aid their fragile economy and security; (iii) the new administration in Khartoum might be disappointed because of Ethiopia’s bilateral negotiation with Egypt on the “Trump Deal”; and/or (iv) Sudan’s attachment to Cairo most likely stems from the power rivalry between the pro-Egypt military wing and the civilian administration in Sudan.