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Resolving the S-400 Standoff

Given the increasing role of Congress in especially Russia-related foreign policy matters as a result of the showdown with President Trump due to the Mueller investigation, Turkey’s S-400 purchase from Russia is destined to become a part of this domestic political struggle.

Christian Zionists, Zionists and Authoritarian Regimes in the Middle East: A Bermuda Triangle?

A closer look at the actions of these three Arab regimes – Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE, forming a bloc in the region against Turkey, Qatar, and Iran – clearly indicates that these regimes not only contribute to anti-Muslim sentiment in the West, but that they are forming a strong alliance with Christian Zionists and Zionists under the seals of Trump and Netanyahu, at the expense of the interests of Muslims around the globe.

What’s Next For Israel After the Elections?

” The Trump administration gave precious gifts to Netanyahu, who thanked Trump’s “tremendous support” for Israel, including the Golan recognition, and his stance against the Iranian regime, including his decision to place the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps on America’s terrorist blacklist.

Is China Buying Out Africa?

In particular, the Trump administration has significantly retreated from global affairs, including the African continent, by focusing on domestic economic recovery in the framework of the ‘America first’ motto.