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For German Tourists, Turkey is a Top Destination: An Interview with German and Turkish Travel Agencies

The vacation regions with the highest demand in terms of sales revenues for the summer of 2019 are currently (status: late January): Greece Turkey Balearic Islands Canary Islands Summer vacation in Turkey is this year again in a particularly high demand: the booking revenues in German travel sales (high-street travel agencies and online portals) are already now remarkable with 58% above the previous year, which had already shown clearly higher bookings for the country on the Bosporus.

The ECHR Ruling on Demirtas and Turkey’s Response

In response to the voices raised within the EU in regards to the ECHR's ruling on Demirtas, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu stated: "Why are you so silent when it comes to Greece's non-compliance?" The Court’s most concrete decision is about compensation, but I’m not sure about Turkey’s response with regards to the payment.

One of every two Europeans dissatisfied with EU’s direction

Czech Republic is in the lead of Eurosceptic nations among EU member states with a mere 39% who regard EU membership positively for their country followed by Italy at 42%, Croatia at 44%, Greece, which is still battling a series of unabating economic difficulties, at 45%, UK which has already voted out at 48%, Austria at 48% and Romania at 49%.