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Freedom of Religion as a Pre-condition?

But who are these “Muslims?” And do they have a special status according to the German constitution or do they need special treatment? Does Article 4 of the German constitution (freedom of faith, conscience, and creed) not protect Muslim rights as much as it does Christian rights? Do Muslims need a tolerance range due to a constitutional lack? Or, does Kauder just mean the (approximately 3 million) Turkish Muslim population who are living in Germany or the 1 million Syrian refugees or even other German Muslim groups with a background from Morocco, Lebanon, Bosnia, Iran, Iraq etc.

What is the GreenMetric World University Ranking?

Hosted by Istanbul University, the workshop was held on 9-10 April 2017 in Istanbul, nearly 100 people attended, including rectors, vice rectors, experts, landscape architects, city planners, academic staff, executive officers from the ministries of environment, and energy managers and stakeholders from 20 different countries including Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Jordan, Russia, India, Brazil, Colombia, Greece, Hungary, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Egypt and Morocco.

Has the Myth of the Global Village Ended Now?

Thousands of miles of border walls have been built mainly for security reasons, between Botswana and Zimbabwe, India and Bangladesh, from China to North Korea, from Turkmenistan to Uzbekistan, from Saudi Arabia to Yemen, from Spain to Morocco, from North Ireland to England, from the USA to Mexico and most dramatically from Israel to Palestine.