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Turkey and Iran: Towards a Renewed Partnership?

The indications of this disturbance have been visible especially in the “axis shift” rhetoric, which has been employed in several instances, including the times during President Turgut Özal’s efforts to establish an Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) with Iran and Pakistan as an extension of his multidimensional foreign policy.

Sino-Soviet Split Redux under President Trump?

In order to achieve the objectives of this grand strategy, the United States encircled the Soviet Union with a ring of pro-American, anti-Soviet allies such as the Federal Republic of (West) Germany, Greece, Turkey, Iran (pre-1979), Pakistan, Japan, South Korea, and eventually China after the Sino-Soviet split.

The Jameel Prize in Istanbul

The biennial event looks to fill a void by creating greater access and visibility to the growing ‘genre’ of Contemporary Islamic Art which in recent years has seen a number of artists from Iran and Pakistan in particular create work which is indebted to classical techniques and subject matter from the Islamic world while making use of contemporary materials, spaces and themes.

Istanbul and Contemporary Islamic Art

Similarly visual artists from Iran and Pakistan have increasingly become prominent in the gallery scenes of New York City, Dubai and London; trained in some of the ‘traditional’ techniques (for instance classical miniature painting is still taught at the National College of Arts in Lahore) while also being citizens of the complex and media-saturated 21st century world they mix media and push aesthetic boundaries while also respecting, using and in some ways continuing certain genres, styles and techniques.

On Nationalism, Ethnicity and Ethnicity Regimes

For every other political entity be that the Communist Republic of China, United States of America, the Jewish state of Israel, the Muslim state of Pakistan, the German nation state Bundesrepublik Deutschland, they are all, by definition, nation-states, since they claim to have the right to rule on the basis of their nation, they have to have their nations and they do! What about the United States? Yes, United States as well.