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Balkan Daesh Fighters in Numbers

However, when Daesh (ISIS) gained prominence in early 2014 and emerged as an influential non-state actor across eastern Syria and northwestern Iraq, the terror group began recruiting fighters quickly, and the Balkans became a region with some of the highest numbers of foreign fighters joining Daesh’s ranks.

Why DAESH is So Pleasant to Israel

aesh, the world’s most modern and sadistic terrorist organization – known for putting people into cages and burning them, selling women they have captured as slaves, lining people up and beheading them one by one – has courteous relations with one country: Israel.

DAESH after Mosul

The Mosul offensive, aiming to cleanse the city of DAESH, brings to fore the question of what kind of strategy the terrorist organization is to carry out in the aftermath of losing the city.

How Turkey’s Opposition Demonizes Refugees

” There is a formula that Kılıçdaroğlu frequently resorts to in response to Turkey’s struggle against Daesh and the YPG in Syria: “My young handsome children will be martyred in Syria, while their youth will swim on our beaches, will show off, have fun, and stroll around freely.