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Rebalancing Turkey’s Foreign Policy

The anti-DAESH coalition provided limited support to Turkey in its fight against the terror group, however the coalition partners also set some limits for Turkey in its fight against the terror group in the course of Operation Euphrates Shield.

Has the Myth of the Global Village Ended Now?

Although —and perhaps since – Turkey tries to take an active position to solve chronic troubles of the world such as war, refugees, racism, Islamophobia and xenophobia, it has been the target of some representative terrorist organizations such as the PKK, the Fetullah Gülen Terror Organization (FETO), and DAESH that are supported by those who are nourished, for example, from global weapon suppliers and manufacturers who aim to destroy connective bridges.

The Gülen Cult, between Modernism and Narcissism

” What differentiates them from Daesh? On the other hand, our experiences show that resorting to violence or committing massacres does not have anything to do with being a member of a terrorist organization which emerged from a Baath-ridden, post-American occupation Iraq; white and blue collared members of such a cult are also capable of committing these atrocities.