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Sino-Soviet Split Redux under President Trump?

The default alternative is the continuation of the Cold War alliance structure with slight modifications, where Russia is perceived as an anti-American power that needs to be contained, whereas China continues to be the most favoured nation in economic terms as part of a quasi-appeasement strategy.

The Matter of the Doctorate (PhD) in Turkey

In a statement issued for the commencement of the 2016–2017 academic year, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan emphasized the importance of closing the gaps in the education system, saying, “Turkey ought to close the gaps exploited by treacherous gangs in the education system and move on.

German Media and Turkey

Do you think the mainstream media in Germany is getting more and more obsessed with the current Turkish government? Are they disturbed of the Turkish government or of the religious or conservative values of the Turkish people who brought this political party to power? I would like to answer your question with offering a different perspective.

On Nationalism, Ethnicity and Ethnicity Regimes

The ambivalent attitudes shown by the international community during the course of the popular uprisings in various Arab countries not only failed to contribute to the making of a peaceful transition to more democratic regimes but also encouraged anti-democratic and at times tyrannical methods.