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The Rise of Bitcoin and its Ambiguous Future

Beside its increase in value, piquing individual and corporate interest in Bitcoin, its acknowledgement as a legal entity for example in Japan, and cryptocurrencies being managed in prominent derivative markets (CME, CBOE, Nasdaq) were some of the most important developments.

Sino-Soviet Split Redux under President Trump?

In order to achieve the objectives of this grand strategy, the United States encircled the Soviet Union with a ring of pro-American, anti-Soviet allies such as the Federal Republic of (West) Germany, Greece, Turkey, Iran (pre-1979), Pakistan, Japan, South Korea, and eventually China after the Sino-Soviet split.

Who Has the Right to Make a Constitution?

or else, many constitutions were imposed on a vanquished or colonized people (for example, in Western imperial systems—the MacArthur constitution in Japan after World War II, and to a lesser extent in Post-War Germany and in colonies once they gained their independence).