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Defense, Trade and Foreign Policy: An Interview with CAST Director Ruslan Pukhov

  What is your analysis about the current security policies and defense strategies of Putin’s Russia in regards to its regional involvements and deployments? Do you think President Putin has started to adopt a much more offensive and expansionist posture, considering the Russian intervention in Georgia, Ukraine, Crimea, Syria and even Afghanistan (through negotiations with Taliban)?  I view it differently.

Is Russia really withdrawing from Syria?

This announcement displayed the importance of the Syrian War for Russia, as according to this statement, the Syrian Civil War was added to the list of “victories” for Russia – most recent ones including Georgia and Ukraine/Crimea Wars.

On Nationalism, Ethnicity and Ethnicity Regimes

So the Leninist but really Stalinist model of giving a territory and an official language to dozens of ethnic groups and organizing a political community explicitly as a federation of fifteen union republics such as the Armenian, Azeri, Ukrainian Soviet socialist republics, below them there were autonomous republics such as the Daghestani, Karabagh and Crimean Tatar, etc.