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Why DAESH is So Pleasant to Israel

” Speaking at the Herzliya Conference, where Israeli security and defense policies are discussed, Halevy elaborated on why they don’t want Daesh to be defeated, after talking about the challenges Daesh faced during the first three months of the so-called caliphate: “Withdrawal of super powers will put Israel in a tight spot against Hezbollah and Iran.

What’s Next after the Fall of Aleppo?

Neither indiscriminate airstrikes on civilians in opposition-ruled areas nor the military intervention of Iran with its own IRGC units and pro-Iran militias with Iraqi (Harakat Hezbollah al-Nujaba), Lebanese (Hezbollah) and Afghan (Liwa Fatemiyoun) origins turned out to be game changers in the military balance for the Aleppo battle.

What is Sectarian Politics?

As an example of a radically changing perception, Hezbollah of Lebanon has recently transformed into a much hated actor in the eyes of Sunnis, whereas prior to the Arab Revolutions it was generally regarded as an organization heroically resisting Israeli aggression.