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How Women are De-Humanized

” At this point, a question must be asked: Why, then, are the numbers of crimes against women on the rise in societies which are sexually free? Why are more than 200,000 women in France subjected to violence, abuse and rape? Why are Northern European countries like Denmark and Sweden leading in the numbers of these crimes, even though they are considered countries which achieved male-female equality to a greater extent according to the World Bank’s 2016 data? In Marilyn Monroe’s Fragments, a compilation of her intimate notes, poems and some letters, there’s a letter of Monroe to the psychoanalyst Ralph Greenson: “They invented a character for me and I didn’t have the strength to stand against them.

DAESH after Mosul

DAESH is employing defense and offense in three geographical regions: the innermost circle, consisting of Iraq and Syria, the inner circle, which encompasses the Middle East and Northern Africa, and the outer circle, comprised of the US, Europe and Asia.