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Decolonizing African Art: Colonial Heritage and European Museums’ Gordian Knot

Before you admire and appreciate the exquisite aesthetics of the many artefacts and objects of African origin in these grandeur European museums, ask yourself why are they here in the first place? And where do they belong to? On November 27 this year, the Senegalese economist Felwine Sarr and French art historian Benedicte Savoy of College de France, published their highly anticipated report on African arts and artefacts housed in European museums in a book titled ‘‘Restoring Africa’s Heritage.

What does the French Democracy Crisis Indicate?

n France, although the rise of the far right, Islamophobia, anti-refugee rhetoric and populism do not seem to directly contradict the notions of people’s right to vote and national sovereignty at first glance, it definitely challenges the liberal democratic system that came into prominence in the aftermath of World War II.