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US-Saudi Relations in a New Perspective

Although he did not participate in the Future Investment Initiative (FII) which has been boycotted by various business and political leaders (including from France, Australia and the Netherlands), he did meet with Mohammad bin Salman who stressed the importance of the U.

Saudi General Consul on the run

K, France, and Germany, urging Saudi Arabia to provide a sufficient explanation with evidence, the United Nations Human Rights chief Michelle Bachelet called for the lifting of the immunity of consulate workers in the Saudi Consul General in Istanbul.

EU Refugee Management 101: Turn away boats, burn camps, close airports

Aside from the basic dignity that these EU member states are depriving the refugees of, with France’s public burning of refugee camps and Germany losing track of 9000 refugee children -who have been speculated to have their organs harvested by mafia- still fresh in memories, the gross publicization of this row and the disproportionate reactions by EU leaders is beyond logic.

The French Islam

If you still don’t get enough dose of Islamophobia after reading these two, (because weekly magazines have higher circulations than daily newspapers in France), take a look at the other weekly or monthly magazines, daily newspapers and TV programs.