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Libyans Themselves Are Best Suited to Handle Their Problems

France might need to revise its strategy in the Middle East, especially under Emmanuel Macron, considering the tolerating of caricatures that mock Prophet Mohammed and cause offense to Muslims, and Macron decorating Sisi with the Grand Cross of the Legion of Honor in 2020, despite all the allegations made against the Sisi regime and its violations of human rights.

“We Are Scared of Our Own Shadow”: An Interview with Raphael Liogier on Islamo-Paranoia in France

Following the discernibly hostile rhetoric of French President Emmanuel Macron against the Muslim communities in France, Faruk Yaslicimen and Nihan Duran interviewed French sociologist Raphael Liogier, professor at Sciences Po Aix (Institut d'Études Politiques d'Aix-en-Provence) and visiting scholar at Colombia University, on the history and current state of Islamophobia in France.

Regeni Murder: A Story of Double Standards and Official Hypocrisy

For example, when French President Emmanuel Macron bestowed France’s highest honor, Grand Cross of the Legion of Honor on President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in early December, two prominent Italian figures, Giovanna Melandri, a former culture minister, and Corrado Augias, a journalist and former member of the European parliament - announced they were returning their French medals in protest, citing Regeni’s brutal death and Egypt’s indifference.

The Right to Blaspheme, the Mila Case, and Islamophobia in France

On the other hand, a few days after the incident became breaking news, the French Justice Minister Nicole Belloubet said in an interview with the radio station Europe 1 that an attack on religion was an attack on freedom of conscience, to which Marine Le Pen immediately responded from Twitter: “Can we trust Macron’s government for the defense of our freedoms and values? Obviously not!” When the left too accused Belloubet of questioning the “right to blaspheme,” she had to backpedal, and issued another statement saying that her words might have gone beyond their purpose.

Balkan Daesh Fighters in Numbers

What has raised the issue even more is a statement by the French President Emmanuel Macron in an interview for The Economist calling Bosnia a “ticking time-bomb” claiming that the country contains a danger from returning jihadists.

Can NATO Still Fulfill Its Purpose After 70 Years?

Since French President Emmanuel Macron recently stated that NATO was  “brain dead” in his criticisms of Turkey’s actions in Syria, and far from meeting the security needs of member states, there have been increasing discussions on what should be the focus of NATO into the future.

Islamophobia Is Now a Source of Pride in France

” After the president, continuing his Islamophobic abuse Nicolas Sarkozy along with former prime ministers, ministers, rabbis, intellectuals and artists called for: “Some of the verses to be removed from the Qur’an, or France will not be the same again!” President Macron said he respected veiled women on one hand, and on the other said “But I want to make sure that they are wearing veils and headscarves out of personal choice.