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Multi-speed EU: Cure All Remedy or Dead End?

’ Moving on five months and arriving on 30 August, 2017, the same EU insight publication ran a story titled ‘Macron revives multi-speed Europe idea’ wherein the French President was quoted having said ‘We have to think up a Europe with several formats, go further with those who want to go forward, without being hindered by states that want – and it is their right – to go not as fast or not as far.

A Charm Offensive: Turkey and France Reset Relations

s it not bizarre: even before French President Emmanuel Macron welcomed his guest Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Friday 5 January, in Paris - for what after listening live on air to the press conference were very good bi-lateral talks indeed - that some in Europe’s anti-Turkey lobby had already pressed the panic button, pre-event and pre-press conference! Probably shocked to witness the Turkish government not only continuing with, but now bringing its successful 360 degree foreign policy (back) to Europe, too, anything seems apparently justified to erect roadblocks.

How realistic is the European Defense Union?

This turn of event was not a surprise for some, as following many unsuccessful meetings with US President Donald Trump, German Chancellor Merkel called on newly elected French President Macron to increase military cooperation in order for Europe to “take its fate into its own hands.