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Turkey and Iran: Towards a Renewed Partnership?

One of the main reasons for this tension is because Ankara and Tehran have accused each other of abetting terrorism: while on some occasions Turkey accused the Tehran administration of supporting the PKK, Iran on the other hand accused Ankara of siding with terrorist groups that pose a threat to Iran, for instance the People’s Mojahedin Organization.

5 days since the US-Turkey visa suspension row

ollowing the arrest of Metin Topuz, an employee working at the US General Consulate in Istanbul, who was charged with terrorism and suspected links to the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETO), the US Embassy in Ankara announced that it had suspended all non-immigrant visa applications from Turkey.

The KRG referendum: chaos continues

According to a statement issued by Jordan’s Royal Court, during a phone call with Haider Al-Abadi Abdullah stressed Jordan’s full support for the Iraqi government’s efforts in counterterrorism and launching a political process aimed at including all components of the Iraqi people, with a view to contributing to a secure, stable and unified Iraq.

Turkey to maintain its economic growth

” He added, “These five countries, which are strong actors in their regions, can contribute significantly to regional and global peace and stability…” Regarding the current refugee crises including Rohingya and Syria, Kahraman emphasized that relations between humanitarian aid and sustainable development, the role of migrants during works for sustainable development and the fight against terrorism should all be handled together.

KRG and Syria: the agenda in the Middle East

” In reference to the recent developments in northern Iraq and the increasing threat of terrorism, Turkey’s Defense Minister Nurettin Canikli told journalists that “the PKK terrorist group appears to be expanding its presence seriously in northern Iraq.