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What does the French Democracy Crisis Indicate?

n France, although the rise of the far right, Islamophobia, anti-refugee rhetoric and populism do not seem to directly contradict the notions of people’s right to vote and national sovereignty at first glance, it definitely challenges the liberal democratic system that came into prominence in the aftermath of World War II.

The French Islam

Why does Islam scare the French?”, “All the disturbing facts about Islam,” “Islam and violence,” “Islam and the communitarianism threat,” “Islamophobia,” “The Republic against Islam,” “The Christians against Islam,” “Middle East, Israel, Islam,” “Our financial and Islamist enemies…” These captions about Islam and Muslims are from the front covers of two French weeklies, namely Le Point and L’express – published only within a year.

Interuniversity Board Condemns the Coup Attempt in Turkey

We urge our international colleagues not to allow Islamophobia to cloud their judgments and acknowledge that we all members of Interuniversity Board of Turkey involving all rectors, fully support Turkish Grand National Assembly, its elected representatives of all political parties and endorse peoples’ resistance to the anti-democratic coup d’état attempt.

The Headscarf Decision of the European Court of Justice

Needless to say, contrary to values such as multiculturalism, human rights, and democracy that Europe has demanded for years and is still demanding from candidate countries such as Turkey, it is very likely that Islamophobia and anti-Turkish sentiment will continue in Europe and make living conditions for Muslims much more difficult.

Has the Myth of the Global Village Ended Now?

Based on this, globalization, which moves toward the suspension of spatial and cultural differences, has evolved into collectively-polarized camps in the shade of some major topics such as racism, Islamophobia, Middle-East politics, the refugee crisis, visa rights, cyber intrusion and securitized borders, barriers and walls.