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Islam in the UAE’s Foreign Policy

As Abu Dhabi continues waging its struggle in a battle for ideas and values in an Arab world undergoing drastic change and faced with threats of extremism in virtually all of its countries, the UAE will remain in competition with other state and non-state actors from Saudi Arabia and Iran to Turkey and extremists such as Islamic State and al-Qaeda for control over Islamic discourse.

America’s MESA Delusion

The speech was confusing, lacked substance, and carried no new ideas beyond the typical messages it meant to deliver: Israel is our top ally, Iran is bad, it is all Obama’s fault, we are committed to continue supporting our dictator friends in the Arab world.

Geopolitics of the Khashoggi Murder

While the media and some of high profile Republicans and Democrats frame the Khashoggi case within the context of American universal values, the Trump administration determined its strategy in line with its arms deal with Saudi Arabia, the containment strategy of Iran, the fragile balance of power in the Gulf region, and the U.